a shift in focus...

With a new year comes a new focus... and a REnewed focus on photography.
I've decided to jump in to a 365 project.  I likely won't be posting here too much (not that I have been lately!)

JOIN ME on my daily photographic pilgrimage at journey 365.
See you 'round!

-simply jag


musical christmas countdown - Dec. 21

Another classic by a true Canadian icon... I had originally planned on posting the version recorded by Sarah McLachlin, but Gordon Lightfoot is somewhat irresistable - especially since he wrote the song!

- simply jag


musical christmas countdown - Dec. 19 (today)

There is simply no storyteller like him. Here's a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of the season...

- simply jag

musical christmas countdown - Dec. 18 (yesterday)

Hard to believe this is from almost 20 years ago... I believe the arrangement on these seasonal classics is pure Canadian genius!

- simply jag


musical christmas countdown - Dec. 16

By far, my favourite version of Carol of the Bells.
(I just wish I knew how to get the video to fit! If you double-click, it will bring you directly to the YouTube site...)

- simply jag


musical christmas countdown - Dec. 15

I've decided to count down these last 10 days before Christmas by sharing a seasonal favourite - old and new! Let's begin with a little Mr. A-Z.

-simply jag