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Greetings from the Adirondacks!

It's the evening before the big race and what a lovely evening it is! I can only imagine the apprehension and the excitement that the athletes must be feeling... We are here to cheer on friends who are crazy enough to attempt this event: 4K swim + 180K bike ride + 42.2K run... all in a row!! Tomorrow will be a long, long day.

We are staying at the Mountain Brook Lodge in Wilmington, NY - about 20km outside of Lake Placid. It's been great so far! Al & Alicia, the hosts, are very welcoming and make sure that all of our needs are met. I think everyone staying here is related to the race somehow - athletes, friends & families. It'll be quite a sight tomorrow morning as most of us will be leaving before 5am. Yes, you read that correctly: BEFORE 5am. :-) Hubby is volunteering at the event and has to arrive at his post at 4:45am, so he'll be heading out around 4am.

Unfortunately, they're calling for rain & thundershowers on and off on race day. Not much we can do about that... I just hope our friends who are competing - Melanie, Vanessa & John - have a safe and succcessful day.

All for now! Time to get ready for bed. :-)

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god's gardens...

Last weekend, as Hubby took to the Gatineau Park paths for his run, I took to the paths with my camera. I was amazed at the variety of wildflowers that I found in such a short distance! It reminded me of the endless beauty provided by the Master Gardener. Now, if only S/he could help out with the ones in my yard... :-)

And so, while the insects continue to feast on my gardens, I will feast on these. Enjoy!

simply jag



simply rich...

Well, let's be honest, my focus has been everywhere BUT here this past month! I have been remiss in keeping my blog up-to-date. Life has been full, and rich, and full, and... well... full! :-) A couple of exciting developments to share:

I am now the proud owner of a new DSLR camera! I'd been saving for a while and decided it was time. I purchased a Canon Rebel XSi in early June and haven't really taken it out to play yet. But I will, oh, I certainly will!

The other MOST exciting news is from this past weekend... I had the pleasure of standing by my sister as she said her "I do" to her Love. It was a wonderful day starting off with a morning ceremony, followed by a luncheon then a house party later that night! I felt surrounded by Love, and Joy, and Friendship, and Laughter, and Beauty the entire day. So lovely!! CONGRATS Sis - you deserve every happiness...

sis & bro-in-law: photo by jag

jag & hubby: photo by sean zio

jag & sis: photo by sean zio

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