urban beauty...

I'm in Toronto for a few days for work... I'm not a big city girl, but there's something about the urban vibe that appeals to me. I spent the afternoon with a good friend just meandering around Kensington Market. Saw lots of beautiful sights AND sounds... like the lone musician playing on the street. His voice was amazing so I bought his CD (for a donation!). Check out www.dankosub.com. Quite a find!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the cable that allows me to upload my photos to the computer, so you'll have to be patient. :-) This shot is from a visit to T.O. last fall...

simply jag xox


beautiful self...

I've been getting clear messages this past week, both from people who care, and from my own body: I need to s...l...o...w... d...o...w...n... I am juggling too many balls, all of them of my own choosing. I read something a while back that really resonated with me: "Some say that busyness is a form of laziness. Because you're too lazy to work out what not to do." (Michael Bungay Stanier) And so, I am in the process of making the difficult decisions about what NOT to do.

Last night, I chose NOT to go out to the theatre with a group of friends. My hacking cough would have been entirely inappropriate and exhausting. I stayed home and ended up playing with self-portrait! Dare I say it, I believe these shots are beautiful.

simply jag xox


beauty in the kitchen...

Here's a shot from my friend Judi's new Kitchen Studio. She is moving her home-based catering business, Credible Edibles, to a new space and has asked if I would sell her some of my photos for her studio! I stopped by today to check the place out and see what I could offer. I'm thrilled and honoured to play a small part in her exciting adventure.

Judi is an inspiring woman. She left her office job last year to focus on developing this idea of offering "nutricious, delicious, environmentally conscious" meals to the community. I look forward to seeing how this new space will develop... Way to go, Judi!! Oh, and thanks for the freshly baked mocha muffin. You can test out new recipes on me anyday. :-)

simply jag xox


beautiful tree...

I came home today to find Hubby - the marathon man - following along with a Rodney Yee yoga DVD. As I watched him do a tree pose, I was struck with how beautiful the scene was. Thanks to Picnik, I was able to salvage an otherwise technically poor shot.

simply jag xox


beauty in the heart of downtown...

I've loved this painting for close to 20 years. It stands two stories high and is located in the foyer of a hotel/commercial building in downtown Ottawa. I walk by it every week on my way to my meditation group. Also, it was in this hotel that we held our wedding reception 19 years ago this fall. I noticed the painting the first time I set foot there. How could I not?!

It really is beautiful to me. In the midst of all the hurry and scurry of the downtown workday, it invites me to pause and breathe and take in the sight, sound and smell of the ocean... even if it is only in my mind.

simply jag xox


street-weary beauty...

I first met John about four years ago when he was living on the street. He now rents a small room above one of the local drinking establishments, but he still pans at his usual street corner. He refers to it as his job and usually pulls one to two shifts a day.

John is street-weary beauty to me. He is scuffed up, and funny, and wounded, and wise. He always astounds me with his positive attitude and I am grateful he is on my Life path...

simply jag xox


beauty in the 'hood...

I don't need to go far to find beauty in my neighbourhood. I live in Westboro Village, a great community just west of downtown Ottawa. This photo is from the shoppe around the corner from my house. I often pause to gaze at the gorgeous window displays... The clothes are a little out of my reach, but a girl can dream, can't she?! :-)

simply jag xox


tag... i'm it!

I got group tagged on Shutter Sisters today... I hesitated before jumping in because I'm not at all comfortable with self-portrait. Mostly, whenever I see a picture of myself, I find it doesn't look like who I feel am. Really. The only photos that have captured how I see myself are the ones of me and my sister that were taken by Bonnie Findley, a friend and talented photographer.

But, since creative growth is all about taking risks, I decided to play the game. Here I am, as the camera sees me sitting at my desk at work earlier today...
simply jag xox


a new word for march...


A new focus for the month of March, thanks once again for Shutter Sisters' One Word Project. Time to focus on all things beautiful!

simply jag xox