i dare you not to smile...

This video came to me by way of Superhero - it brought tears of joy and giggles... I've watched it numerous times, always with the same head-boppin', smile-inducing effect. It makes me happy to share it with you today!

(Because the Blogger template crops off part of the video, I suggest you click on the video itself - as opposed to the triangular PLAY icon - so that it brings you to the full-size YouTube version.)

simply jag


a day of life and death...

Last Saturday, I noticed this in my yard:
Needless to say, I was thrilled! Especially considering there were (note the use of past tense) still snow patches on the lawn.
Ahhh, life renewing... what a great sight.

That same afternoon, I received the news that a friend had passed away earlier that day. I was overcome with sadness, especially since - that very morning - I had been thinking of going to see him the hospital. I guess I didn't realize just how far the cancer had taken him.
Ahhh, earthly life ending... what a great might.

Finding... and losing... the never-ending cycle of Life. The message was made very clear that day. It rained all weekend, as if the skies were joining me in my weeping.

I am thankful for the rituals we have created that allow us to share our sadness, and our joy in having known those who have passed. On Thursday, we celebrated Barney and the way he had touched our lives. Barney was a gentleman, and a dapper one at that. He loved fashion and always had kind words to say about what I was wearing... especially my hats & coats. He'd kiss my hand and say: "Ohh, look at you. You can really pull that off. I love it! I LOVE it!" So, at his memorial service, I wore my bright turquoise coat and my square top cap with a matching scarf. I knew he'd expect nothing less of me! :-)

Barney, thanks for being so generous with your kindness and your love. The weeping is over and I have nothing but smiles for you. I'm glad that your physical suffering is over... xox

(Thanks to Dean for the use of his photos of Barney...)

simply jag xox